Tuesday 14 February 2006

News from Norway

On the reading table currently is Craft in Transition by Jorunn Veiteberg. Jorunn is a Norwegian writer who argues strongly for the value of beauty in contemporary practice. Her book features some typically mysterious Scandinavian craft. Together with the Craft in Dialogue publication from Sweden, it seems there’s a particularly strongly English-language craft theory coming from the far north. Wasn’t that where it all began?


Ramona said...

Veiteberg wrote a neat little essay for the 25th anniversary of the Norewgian Association of Arts and Crafts. She argues that instead of asking 'what is craft?', we should ask 'when is art craft?'
The full essay can be seen at

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get hold of Jorunn Veitebergs book Craft In Transition and was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can get it from in th UK?