Tuesday 23 May 2006

Sandra Bowkett's experience in India

Here's some images from Sandra Bowket's recent trip to India, where she presented an exhibition of Australian ceramics in a Delhi Gallery.

Sandra Bowkett demonstrating the use of tissue transfers at a two day workshop at DBPT studios. I was invited by DBPT to conduct a workshop during the exhibition. The workshop included throwing an assembling teapots and the use of ceramic decals.

Rooma Kumar Bussi Mr GiriRaj Prasad and Kabri Bussi. As part of exhibition the public was invited to view and participate in the use of a traditional pottery wheel as demonstrated by Giri Raj Prasad.

Anuradha Ravindranth director of Gallery Twentyfive and a trustee of Delhi Blue Pottery Trust( DBPT) looks on as the lids are removed from the freight boxes.

The day we unpacked Delhi had unseasonable rain, the concern was the catalogues getting wet, they were O.K. The freighting boxes had been designed to have the lids screwed and unscrewed to be able to reuse the structure. The customs officers did not appreciate this design feature and levered the lids off most gruesomely. We were most anxious to see the results of their investigations. This was soon to be revealed, bad and on reflection could have been worse. They had unwrapped the top few pieces, had not rewrapped them as found and did not replace the top packing. The two pieces broken were Nandita Nandkarni’s . She accepted this magnamously, stating, lucky we didn’t have to inform anyone else that their work was broken.

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