Wednesday 28 February 2007

Andrew Wood podcast

Radio National Artworks last Sunday included an interview with Andrew Wood, currently exhibiting his works at Craft Victoria:

Today our guest in MySpace is Andrew Wood, and his space is a workshop at the back of his rambling Edwardian home in Melbourne, right next to his permaculture garden. As you'll hear, he does some of his work in the kitchen there as well. He's a wood artist. He makes free-form sculptures, mostly in red gum. These pieces aren't turned on a lathe or glued in place, though. Instead, Andrew twists and shapes sections of wood while they're wet. The result is sculptural forms that reveal the grain of the timber as well as the tree's history: growth rings, even insect trails, for example. Debra McCoy visited Andrew Wood in his workshop and home.

You can download the interview here.

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