Thursday 1 November 2007

News from our mentor in the west

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More news from our mentor Julia Allison-Monroe, currently in Western Australia:

Kate (Campbell-Pope) and I went camping with a group of students and artists from the Edith Cowen University textile workshop to Elachbutting Rock, a small pocket of bush, and a rock, amounst the wheatfields. It's interesting country. We stayed for a week, doing bush craft, walking, and cooking on the fire. I met Nalda Searles. She impressed me with her conviction and commitment to creativity, and her encouragement and appreciation of creativity in others. It is a generous thing.
These are some of the animals I saw: flies, a wedge-tailed eagle, skitterly dinosaur lizards, mummified kangaroos, living red kangaroos, a legless lizard, and emu in the middle of wheat field 22, the one next to the reserve, and centipedes

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