Monday 4 February 2008

Super Group: Fogelberg, Page and Guiney

Even though it was a little while ago now, we just have to boast about the huge exhibition opening we had here at CVHQ last Wednesday for Cecilia Fogelberg, Brenda Page, Caz Guiney and enCOUNTER in the window [Rochus Urban Hinkel and the RMIT Interior Design Department].

After the intensity of installation week, it was a great turn out, with a whole bunch of the usual Craft Victoria family, and some of Melbourne's great rock'n'roll crowd.

X guitarist Steve Lucas and an anonymous crafter

Jenny Port from Jenny Port Gallery, Richmond

Starting with some well-attended artist talks by all three artists, the exhibition was opened by Catherine Rinaudo and Jenny Port from Jenny Port Gallery, capped off with a long and winding 3-minute plus guitar solo by ex- Beasts of Bourbon guitarist and solo artist, Spencer P Jones.

Spencer P Jones on guitar

It was so packed that Steph and Carmel, our trusty retail assistants had to act as bouncers for a while there.

Exhibiting artist Cecilia and friend "tash up"

What a fan-tash-tic way to kick off a new year [groan]. We all had a great night and are really excited about the upcoming exhibition program for the year.

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