Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Book of The Month: 'The Fashion Photography Course'

April's Book of the Month is the very informative and well-written The Fashion Photography Course by Eliot Siegel. Covering a range of topics such as lighting, equipment, framing and of course, networking, The Fashion Photography Course is a great read for budding photographers or anyone interested in the business.

Here is a peek into what lies beneath the cover...

The book introduces a variety of framing and styling techniques, one of which is this tutorial on movement versus static modelling.

The book places an emphasis upon lighting, dedicating a chapter each to natural lighting and manufactured light. Each chapter is divided into sub-chapters which makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for and even easier to digest! Want to learn about strobe lighting? Page 74. What about indoor ambience? Page 70! Too easy.

Integral to every practitioner's work is inspiration. The book does not disappoint, and encourages readers to do their research on prominent fashion photographers. The chapter highlights several photographers like Guy Bourdin and David LaChapelle (pictured above), to name a few. A very handy thing indeed, especially for someone who is just starting out!

We can't stress how great this book is to introduce anyone to the craft of photography, so do pop in and have a flip through it. The book retails at $39.95 and yes, we do have several copies in store at the moment.

PS. to those concerned with aesthetics of the body, the book also provides some very handy hints on how to digitally enhance form. Eyebags-be-gone!

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