Friday 18 April 2008

out with the old, in with the new

Sadly we've packed up the last of How You Make It into our conservation boxes and have spent all this week installing our next round of exhibitions. Our lovely new exhibition intern Anita Cummins had this to say:

How You Make It has drawn to a close after a very successful month of de/reconstructed garments and Anthea van Kopplen’s Envelope workshops.
This month’s exhibitions program is about to launch with some cosmetic alterations, space-age typographics and golden incisors from the likes of Tiffany Parbs, Stephen Banham and Jessica Morrison.

Photographs are being hung, remnants of gold-leaf and blue paint are being swept away and a red glow is emanating from the depths of Gallery 2.

Then last night we had another fantastic opening for the new exhibitions by jewellers Tiffany Parbs and Jessica Morrison and 'fontologist' Stephen Banham: lots of interested patrons here to check out the great shows. Many familiar faces and a swag of welcome strangers.

Kelly Gellatly from the National Gallery of Victoria, Mark Davis from the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne (that's him, below) and Francesca Valmorbida from Sydney's Pablo Fanque all spoke and opened up the exhibitions on behalf of the artists and the catalogues were going like hotcakes.

All three shows are open until 17 May, so pop down and have a look if you get a chance.

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