Thursday, 9 October 2008

Buena Vista

Anna Davern's practice intervenes into the iconography of the kitsch souvenir to question cultural identity. In Buena Vista Davern exploits the political import of the silhouette, cutting away from the quaint landscapes of vintage biscuit tins, the ghostly outlines of human figures. The parts removed find new form as objects of adornment, whilst the hollow spaces left behind trace a troubling relationship to national identity.

Here are some images from Anna's beautiful show. There are 18 works in total, so this is a just a teaser. The works are truly stunning, so do try to make it down and see them for yourselves. There is even a work featuring a little terrier (pictured below) on a movable pendulum, look at him fly!

Securing the Harvest (detail), 2008, biscuit tins, tea tins

Coo-Eeee, 2008, biscuit tins, tea tin

Tally Ho, 2008, tin tray, biscuit tins

King of the Glen, 2008, lolly tin, tea tin, printed aluminium

Absent V (beefeater), 2008, biscuit tins

Fantastic Mr Fox, 2008, biscuit tins

Fantastic Mr Fox (detail)

Which one is your favourite?

Coming up soon we have an Introducing... feature on the lovely Ms Davern. Stay tuned!

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