Friday 3 October 2008

Introducing... Caracus

Many of you will be familiar with divine jewellery label Caracus, and perhaps less familiar with the wonderful lady behind it - Fiona Watkins. Employing organic forms such as rice grains and materials like coconut shell, Fiona looks towards her surroundings and environment for inspiration. Based in Jan Juc, Fiona lives near the beach - how enviable!

Speaking about her work, Fiona says:

I wanted the pieces to speak of another era in time; to reflect the significance of the cycle of seasons and the passing of time. The seeds of time and seasons and the harvesting of grains is for me similar to the process of creating jewellery - you plant the seed and after its growth it is harvested, just as with jewellery you collect the ides which is transformed through the making and the wearing of the piece in its final form.

Over the past decade, Fiona has exhibited in shows across the world. With exhibitions in South Africa, Germany, New York and Japan, Fiona certainly is one talented lady! We have lots of Fiona's work in stock at COUNTER right now, so be sure to have a look the next time you drop by.

Tell us the story of Caracus...
I love travelling and far away exotic places, Caracus is inspired by Caracas the city. It is always daunting having to sell yourself, but mostly the experience of starting Caracus has been very natural, having experience passionate people selling your jewellery is very important.

How did you get where you are today and do you have any advice for emerging jewellers?
I live in Jan Juc by the beach, so I have a fantastic studio and very creative community supporting me. My advice would be to set-up a fantastic studio, surround yourself with creative like-minded people and develop a good relationship with the people who sell your work.

My first job was...
As a waitress, the job was ok, but I was terrible.

The story behind the snail necklace (pictured below)...
The snail was inspired by travelling once again, the Spitifield Markets in London has fantastic vintage jewellery. I bought lot of interesting things from a lady who was selling pieces she had collected her whole life.

My favourite jewellery piece is...
I love earrings so they are often my favourites but I try not to get attached to things. I like to discover what other people's favourite are.

The first thing I do in the morning?

... and the last thing before bed
Reading to my 6 year old, Spencer.

One thing I can't bear to be without...
My family and friends.

All images courtesy of Fiona Watkins and are from her website


captainmelancholic said...

I love how fiona captures ease within her jewellery, especially her earrings.

Craft Victoria said...

she makes it look so effortless doesn't she! my favourite has got to be this 'diamond' ring of hers. the gems are fused to the band, making it look like a natural growth. stunning!