Monday 6 October 2008

Skull-king around

As promised, here are some images from Irene's lovely exhibition in Gallery 1. The show was recently featured in The Age's Good Weekend Saturday magazine - we do love a bit of attention! There are still a couple of weeks left till the end of the exhibition, so there's plenty of time to come have a look at these works in the flesh (pardon the pun).

Love You More Than Life (white), 2008

Just Like Honey, 2008

If We Get Much Closer I Could Lose Control, 2008

Come Down and Waste Away With Me, 2007

Ivy, 2008

Ivy (detail), 2008

When you do drop by, do have a peek inside the skulls as most of them have hidden decals in their interior. The detail above is a shot of the inside of Ivy, carefully taken by yours truly by taking the photograph through the eye socket. Crafty!

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