Monday 13 October 2008

Stephen Gallagher

OK, we've noticed here that we haven't been giving Stephen Gallagher's show as much love as it fully deserves. Our most humble apologies! Hopefully this post (as well as several more upcoming posts of course!) will rectify the situation...

Stephen's exhibition in Gallery 2, entitled Melancholic Nites/Arcadian Daze is a reflection upon the Elizabethan era (1558-1603) - or more specifically, a reflection "upon the spirit of the Elizabethan Era, its poetry, and the who’s who of the ornaments of the court." Stephen's jewellery doesn't just explore the glitz and glamour of Elizabethan court life; he also examines ideas of power and corruption, themes that are reflected in his choice of colour when rendering these larger-than-life Elizabethan courtiers whom he uses to display his jewellery on.

Check out the expert drawing of Queen Elizabeth - looks like we have another multi-talented artist in the area! If you're anything like yours truly (who has trouble drawing a proportionate square, let alone a person) then you'll know how much effort has gone into creating these models.


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