Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wendy Jagger "Wildflower"

As I plan the garden of my new home overlooking Mt Buller, I collect seed from red gum, yellow box, sedge and callistemon. Cuttings line the back porch. The promise of acres of wildflowers in my drought tolerant garden captures my imagination.

A shadow play of light casts dancing botanical patterns on the wall. Different densities of light pass through the growth of the native shrubs.

Capturing this fleeting, lacy imagery has evolved into a new body of work. Wheel thrown, open vessels catch the light and I have tried to recreate this layering of flora. Many of the pieces have been double etched, on the interior and exterior of the form. Other pieces are extensions of my visual diary, bearing sketches of wildflowers, in all their unique variety.

Our current enCOUNTER window display features a new body of work from Wendy Jagger. Wildflower is a series of double-etched southern ice porcelain vessels inspired by the Australian native flora at her property near Mt Buller. Wildflower will be exhibiting until 9 November. If you're nearby do have a peek at Wendy's ceramics at night - you'll be able to see how the halogen bulbs of enCOUNTER illuminate the vases and bowls, transforming them into translucent sculptural beauties.

Yours truly will take some photographs of Wildflower in twilight, so hold tight! Though with the longer days and shorter nights, some overtime might be in order...

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