Friday, 7 November 2008

Introducing... Fliss Dodd

It's been such a busy week so far, what with the market looming (11am tomorrow at the City Library folks! See you there!), exhibition openings galore, upcoming graduate shows to schmooze at... it never ends! That being said, this edition of Introducing... on Fliss Dodd is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Based in Queensland, Fliss is the maker of the very adorable and covetable Udder Toys and she had an enCOUNTER display not too long ago. Fliss has been creating her lovable toys for the past two years now, and we hope she never stops!

Fliss' vast and amazing collection of fabrics.

I am inspired by…
My children inspire me with their simplicity, their ideas and their honesty. The baby fox was the idea of my son when he was 5 years old. Last Christmas when I asked him if he would like a fox, his response was "No... I'd like a baby Fox, you should start making those mum." I am also inspired by the way we live in our environment ....we are very conscious about recycling and trying to tread a little lighter on the earth, hence using as many recycled fabrics where possible.
Picasso too has inspired me for the past 23 years with his amazing artworks.

The first toy was…
It was a very strange and odd looking rabbit. It was for my son when he was 18 months old as I wanted to give him something that was made from the heart and which didn't contain a battery (the amount of plastic toys on the shelves at the shops horrified me). It wasn't until 2 years later that I sold 15 at a local community event... this inspired me to keep on making.

I source my fabrics….
Mainly from second-hand stores, my granny's old stuff and in the past year I have been mixing these with many beautiful fabrics from Japan. I also have been really fortunate to have wonderful friends with great op shop karma and who would often pop by with awesome bundles of fabrics which I would swap with a toy. About a month ago there was a mystery delivery on out front door step in an old suitcase. It was full of fabric.... to this day I still don't know who put it there! Thank you to whoever it was :)

Apart from my kids, these days I’ve been keeping busy…
I completed 4 pieces which went to the UK for an exhibition alongside some wonderful other toy makers from around the world. Now I am completing 6 commissioned pieces, stock for the Christmas craft market at the GOMA in Brisbane in early December as well as wholesale orders for Sydney, LA and COUNTER!

My most prized possession....
Well it was a toss up between our veggie patch and my large pincushion which my sister-in-law made for me 6 years ago. Both of these possessions are invaluable. But today the most prized would be the pincushion!

The first thing I do in the morning is…
To put water on my face (I'm not the best morning person) and have a cup of Chai.

And the last thing before bed is…
Kissing my children and watch them sleeping.

The prized lobster pin cushion made by Fliss' sister-in-law.
"Putting the pins into the lobster is just for fun.... it doesn't always look like this!"

Blackyellow bird and clover child.

Little green walking hood.

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Jasmine Mirra said...

I too am a big fan of Fliis Dodd!
It's nice to see her working place from this angle. I am very jalous of the fabric she has... Very nice!