Thursday, 27 November 2008

Introducing... Tamara Marwood

a little ladylike tinkling and smearing is a new exhibition by Tamara Marwood, playfully subverting the Victorian notion that women's participation in the public world is be confined to 'tinkling' (embroidery) and 'smearing' (painting). Constructed using traditional techniques of English piecing patchwork, this installation greets the viewer with a quilted enclosure, structurally supported by wooden chairs and piles of stacked, lifestyle magazines. Inside, a video animation featuring the semi nude female figures of Bendigo's Alexandra Fountain, flows across the horse hair surface. This fabricated interior asks us to contemplate the myriad, contradictory ways in which the female body is manifest in contemporary culture: as monumentalized allegory of public space; as subject of domestic labour; as superficial, glorified celebrity.

Until Saturday 29 November, Tamara Marwood's installation a little ladylike tinkling and smearing will be on display in Gallery 3. A mixture of video and crafty goodness, the installation also featured an annimation collaboration between Tamara and Dylan Fowler.

If you missed out on this marvellous exhibition, do check out our website and this previous CLOG entry for more images. A hard-copy catalogue is also available, and if you'd like a copy don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email! Details are on the sidebar to the right.

About me...
I have been living in Bendigo for nearly ten years now, with my husband and two children. I spend a great deal of time on the train between Bendigo and Melbourne - perfect for stitching.

About my exhibition a little ladylike tinkling and smearing
This body of work is a real change in direction for me - and I have to thank Kate Just for her support and also Dylan Fowler for helping me to to make the leap! In making this work I wanted to find ways to connect the handmade and architectural form, in particular private spaces and the body.

About the quilt…
The quilt being hand sewn on a train is full of mistakes and little unravelling holes - but I quite like them - it really emphasizes the imperfections of the hand made and of our own bodies. I really couldn't imagine how long the quilt took to make - a lot of hours.

And about the magazines…
Some magazines are mine - but I am not a hoarder (other than opshop fabric!)

My proudest achievement to date…
My children - both born at home

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up and be…
I know my Nan dearly wanted me to be a nurse.

If I could do anything in the world tomorrow…
I would go to Congo and support the women and the children there who are experiencing extreme horrors due to war.

Detail shots of the quilt

For more on Tamara's work, do visit her blog - it's a great read!

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