Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Making Sense

Curated by our very own curator-superstar Nella, Making Sense is a group show of 5 artists who have come together under the theme of the handmade and the everyday:
Making Sense explores the intersection between craft process and the everyday, featuring the work of artists who use hand facture to re-cast, re-scale or replicate benign objects and spaces. Why is the everyday thing, whether object, environment or articulated space, a point of departure for contemporary craft practice? Why is the concept and gesture of the 'handmade' increasingly important across a number of artistic disciplines and how is it being used to critique the nuances of everyday life?

The exhibition features the work of Cherelyn Brearley, Lauren Brown, ffiXXed, Ed Janssen and Emma White. Yours truly is never one to play favourites, so here are some images of the work on display from their best angles:

Cherelyn's neck brace - it's made from glass.

Lauren Brown's video installation of her installing her installation.
2 of ffiXXed's amazing bag/scarves.

Ed Janssen's oozing mass dotted with shiny pretty rings - for the magpie in us all.

Emma White's devilishly good reproductions of a work-in-progress. Had me fooled for a while!

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