Thursday 18 December 2008

Book of the Month: And Collective "A Place Tells A Story"

In the second installation of new CLOG feature, Book of the Month, we present to you And Collective's latest offering, A Place Tells A Story:

A Place Tells A Story is a book and CD project that engages with subjective notions of place and community. Via visual art, text, music and artefact, the project sees some of Melbourne's most exciting young artists map, question, celebrate and reflect upon a scattering of our unofficial community sites.

Milk bars, street corners, neighborhoods, roads; within the context of an increasingly globalised consciousness, A Place Tells A Story reconnects with locality and specificity. It explores these sites' histories and narrative; it poses questions about their future.

The wonderful people behind And Collective hold a special place in CVHQ's heart, not just because of the Holly Daze screenprinted book jacket (wink wink!) but also because their most recent publication features some very awesome contributions from some of Melbourne's most talented: Oslo Davis, Kyle de Kuijer, Meg Mundell as well as 22 other writers, illustrators, photographers and musicians. The book also comes with a CD containing music by Perfect Black Swan, Nadia Combe and Bird Traps (to name a few!) Mmm, interactive book...

Printed in a limited run of 1000, each copy of A Place Tells A Story has been individually rubberstamped with a unique number. Yours truly owns number 88 (hooray for lucky numbers!)... what's yours?

Here's a peek at some of the fine work you'll find inside the book:

Kyle de Kuijer

Warwick Baker

Oslo Davis

The perfect gift for anyone who holds Melbourne in a special place in their heart, we have several copies of A Place Tells A Story in stock at the moment, so do drop by, even if it's just to have a peek at this marvellous labour of love!

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