Monday 15 December 2008

Fresh! 2008 winner, Ka Ho Li

Ka Ho Li was the very deserving winner of this year's Filippo Raphael Fresh! Award. His work consisted of a contemporary reinterpretation of mourning jewellery, and a very novel one at that! Entitled White Widow Jewellery Collection, Ka Ho's jewellery explores the concept of the grieving process:

"I don't see an interest in death as morbid, but the acceptance that death eventually happens to everyone. I am fascinated by the use of jewellery and items to express grief and mourning.

"I created the White Widow Jewellery Collection using teflon tape (commonly used in plumbing). My jewellery allows the wear to interact and perform with the piece. The act of peeling the dressing surface represents one step closer to recovery and each layer represents one day.

"Grief is truly a noble emotion, the last gift of love and respectful behaviour."

Here are some images from Ka Ho's work currently on display at Craft Victoria. His work will be on display until Saturday 20 December, which is also CVHQ's last trading day, so do drop by for a visit and to say hello.

Photography by Elizabeth Wilson

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