Saturday, 13 December 2008

Summer reading...

With our last day of trading almost here (CVHQ closes next week, on Saturday 20 December) and CLOG going on hiatus, we thought we'd make sure our wonderful readers had something else to read during the upcoming Summer months. We're always thinking about you, dear reader!

Recently published was our annual publication, Craft Culture. Instead of its usual hardcopy format, this year Craft Culture goes digital! Hurrah for technology. Craft Culture features a selection of 22 thoughtfully-written and thought-provoking essays by respected writers such as Kevin Murray, Robyn Phelan, Ramona Barry and of course, CVHQ's very own, Nella Themelios.

You can access Craft Culture by clicking this link. With 22 articles to read, if you read one a day it'll be just in time to welcome Craft Victoria back when we reopen on 20 January!

For our voracious readers out there, we've got another recent publication up our sleeves for you. Notions of Space is a hardcopy magazine that was jointly organised by Craft Victoria and RMIT School of Architecture and Design. Available in digital format as well, click here to access this wonderful publication.

Also up for your viewing is the RMIT Design Archives Newsletter, which is accessible here, and last but not least, Janelle Dunstan, our wonderful Library Intern, has put together a catalogue of the contents of our library! This is great news for all you students and knowledge-hungry people, the Craft Victoria library (which was established in the 1970s) is a great resource for all things to do with craft, art and design.

In 2009 we will be upping the ante on our collection, so expect many new and fabulous publications. To use the library, you will need to make an appointment to visit during weekday open hours. Please note that publications may only be viewed at Craft Victoria. This is because we are not set up to lend, though of course, yours truly would be very pleased to assist you!

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