Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lightly 'whispering tales of times gone by'

Next time you're wandering down Flinders Lane, come by our window and have a look at the new enCOUNTER exhibition whispering tales of times gone by by Cindy-Lee Davies, whom many of you will recognise as designer behind the respected Lightly label. The current exhibition draws upon Cindy-Lee's lovable memories of childhood butterfly collecting in the garden and beautiful discarded crockery as a source of inspiration for her new work.

"When a caterpillar reaches its full size, it prepares to turn into a chrysalis or cocoon. Some caterpillars attach themselves to leaves or in this case walls and form the Chrysalis and certain species spin a cocoon around the Chrysalis. The caterpillar then metamorphosis into a butterfly."

The current enCOUNTER exhibition displays a new collection of angelic wall-mounted butterflies made from recycled saucers entitled Chrysalis and clocks from her collection Time to Reflect - a delightful play on words given the reflective surface of the clocks.

Wanting to design a new treasure for her recycled crockery range dEco, Cindy-Lee was inspired to reflect a natural cycle of life with domestic recyclables, producing a beautiful thought-provoking collectable to adore. The saucer was thoughtfully chosen as its natural curve allowing the shadow of the wings to appear as if in flight. And flying they have! Off the shelves we mean. We've still got a few left here at CVHQ, so do be quick if you'd like to take home one (or five) of these lovely ceramics.

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