Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Listen to your sensible

Coming up in May at Craft Victoria is proud to present a free law talk entitled Expression, Authenticity and Appearance. The talk is being organised as part of Law Week 2009 and will be presented by Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.

This information session is ideal for all craft practitioners concerned with protecting intellectual property with copyright, trade marks and registered designs.

Taking place on Thursday 14 May at 6-7pm, this talk is free! Places are limited of course, so please give us a call on 9650 7775 to book a spot for yourself and maybe for a friend too.

On the subject of being sensible and strategic, next time you're at Craft Victoria, do pick up a copy of the City of Melbourne's 2010 Grants and Sponsorship Program booklet. Geared to support and develop cultural activity in the City of Melbourne precinct, this guide will take you through all the FAQ of how to apply for a grant. There are several categories to apply under, including more specialised categories such as 'Community Cultural Development', 'Young Artists' (26 years and under), 'Indigenous Arts', 'Writing about Melbourne' and many more.

The closing dates for applications for grants in 2010 is Friday 22 May 2009, so make sure you get your copy!

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