Tuesday 28 July 2009

Fully Furnished

A selection of designers have made work responding to the notion of interior and domestic space. Drawing from the methodologies of both design and the handmade, the exhibition showcases work by some of Australia's most eminent emerging and established designers: Tim Fleming, Erik North , Studio Hip (Damien Hipwell and Jacqueline Cuijpers) and Studio Sam (Samantha Parsons). The installation will explore the strategy of 'sampling' as both a basis for design and a new critique of the interior.
Acorns by Tim Fleming of Flatland OK

Fully Furnished was part of the 2009 State of Design Festival’s public and cultural program, Design for Everyone.

Sleep out by CVHQ's installation genius Erik North

Siena bookblock table by Studio Sam, acorn by Tim Fleming
L-R: Tim Fleming acorns, table by Studio Sam, chair and light by Studio Hip

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