Wednesday 4 November 2009

At every turn

All memory of that day sparkled right and unchanging. (2009)

Seems an age since we set to installing our show in gallery two of Craft Victoria but the calendar hanging upon my wall tells me otherwise. Seems it has not been that long at all. This is a good thing for we’ve been invited by the ever kind and ever knowledgeable folk at Craft Victoria to pen a few guest posts for the duration of our exhibition, the one with the long name that borrows directly from two sentences featured in the work of a favourite author.

Today we held true to our promise and turned the pages of the collaged books that sit atop the tables. Next week we shall turn them again, revealing a new host of animal inhabitants roaming the grounds of Versailles or traipsing though the streets of Johannesburg.

Here is but a taste, with more to come, of this you can be sure.

Turning the pages, one book at a time.

Page detail from They ate their meals on the grass and danced on the lawns. (2009)

Page detail from Looking only for you. (2009)

Page detail from I chanced upon the unexpected and I found I liked it. (2009)

Until next time, G

(For additional views of the same, swing by elsewhere (Louise) and high up in the trees (Gracia).)

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