Tuesday 24 November 2009

Last days... PAN Gallery Award

The inaugural PAN Gallery Award exhibition ends tomorrow, so our hot tip for the day is to catch the 1 or the 8 tram, get off one stop after Brunswick Road, cross the road and go halfway down Weston Street where you'll find Northcote Pottery Supplies/PAN Gallery (they're in the same building).

Be sure to check out Katie Jacobs' winning entry...

Katie Jacobs, Weeping Willows, PAN Gallery Award winner (photo courtesy of PAN)

I lied on a rental application. I said I was an avid gardener because my dream house had a massive and superbly overgrown garden and I wanted to live in it.

These bottles are cast from the remains of two silver birch trees. During the summer before last they died outside the Northcote dream house where I now live. Due to water restrictions I didn’t water them enough, not even with recycled water, and so their death is on my not-so-green thumbs. Casting them is an attempt to honour their memory by making them solid again, except I imagine these porcelain vessels as white lingering ghosts of the former trees, berating me from beyond the grave.
Katie Jacobs, 2009

Congratulations again Katie!

While you're in that neck of the woods, why not check out a few of our friends. There's SMALLpieces, Northcote Pottery Supplies' new retail section featuring yep, small pieces of contemporary Australian ceramics. You might like to trot down to Monkhouse Design to check out their Spring/Summer arrivals (and also their new design identity, worked on by no less than Ortolan of which former CV lady Liz Wilson is now part of), and then amble down to Small Block for the best coffee under $3, topping it off with a visit to Five Boroughs. Makes us wish we had tomorrow off!

If you're stuck at work like us, then click here to read the catalogue essay written by curator Kim Brockett and take a virtual tour of the exhibition by clicking here.

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