Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Taking guerilla knitting to the next level

One of Dave's projects from 2005 entitled The Knitting Machine. Picture from artnet.com

How do you knit a gigantic flag using two excavators?
How do you knit a bridge cosy?
How do you catch a moonbeam in your hand?

Visting US textile artist Dave Cole probably won't know the answer to the third question (or he might, we're not sure. You should ask him!) but he'll definitely be able to expand upon his amazing practice as a one of the world's biggest knitters - literally.

As part of the Big West Festival which kicks off on Friday 20 November, Dave will be in Melbourne presenting an artist talk on Wednesday 18 November at Craft Victoria. He'll talking about his various projects, in particular his current monumental knitting installation on Footscray’s historic stock bridge connecting Maribyrnong and North Melbourne. Funnily enough, the project called 'The Big Knit'.

Dave is also the man behind Knitting with Loaded Shotguns (Safeties Off) (2008) using spun statuary bronze with 12-gauge shotguns. So that's how you do guerilla knitting...

Picture from artnet.com

If you'd like to come along and listen to Dave speak, call us on 9650 7775 to make a booking to attend his artist talk. This event is free but spaces are strictly limited, so act fast!

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Tam said...

would be terrible to drop a stitch!