Sunday 8 November 2009

To hold in the palm of one's hand

On such a day as this the view proved of great comfort.

Thou should not vex a stranger.

Sunday morning and the wonder that is Google earth has me entranced still, and spooked, if I am honest, just a little. In my palm, I have the globe. It sits in other people’s palms too, and this technology is, it seems, doing my head in. I can drop a pin on my next destination; I can see just how very far the French Quarter is from my door (the place I last travelled across the seas to). I can map, track, zoom in and survey places with a tap, swish, stroke upon the smudgy screen of my iPhone. The concept is bewildering and I wonder: what will things be like when I am with grey hair?

Requiring little by way of technology are these postcard collages (some of which you can see in gallery two). Sharp scissors, glue and brush are the only tools needed.

I had always wished to do what was right though it never seemed as such.

It appeared before me now, more beautiful than ever.

Sporadic episodes of shadow puppetry went unseen.

No, I am not fond of this place.

If this place were my own, I'd move it closer to the sea.

(Postcard collages 2009. Please click to enlarge.)

Enjoy your day, G

(Additional postcard and photographic collages, page details and the like appear peppered throughout my blog. Here, friends, is link to but a few,
Look behind you.
There we will sit upon the rocks.
I'll read to you if you like.)

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