Wednesday 2 December 2009

Shoe Show

Shoe Show critically examines contemporary shoe making in Melbourne, showcasing new and experimental work by some of Melbourne’s leading emerging shoemakers.

The exhibition not only features a diverse selection of shoes but also provides an insight into the art and inspiration of local bespoke shoemakers. What techniques are informing contemporary practice? How is the form of the shoe being used as a vehicle for both artistic expression and technical innovation?

From brogues to embroidered boots and even a pair of ‘shoe pants’, Shoe Show features the work of Emma Greenwood, Phong Lai, April Phillips, James Roberts, Emma Shirgwin, and Tim Tropp.

Curated by Nella Themelios, Craft Victoria.

Download the exhibition catalogue here (3.5MB)

April Phillips

Phong Chi Lai

Excellent exhibition design by installation genius Erik North

Click here
to view more installation views of the exhibition, along with images from each of the shoemakers' studios.

Photography by Kim Brockett

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there too! Nice shots.