Monday, 18 January 2010

Christmas breakfast + happy birthday Anita + see you soon Steph

In the rush of the last days of 2009, these images of happy staff celebrating (not as rare as you might think) were left by the wayside. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you a selection of images from these events: the staff Christmas breakfast at our next door neighbour Cumulus; 'see you soon, it's not goodbye' cake for Steph who recently left the Craft Victoria family to tend to her own family (and not to mention preparing for the impending arrival of a little certain someone! who should be arriving any day now!); 'happy birthday' cake and champagne for Anita; and even more champagne to celebrate the last day of work in 2009.

The Craft Victoria men: (L-R) Trevor our accountant, Erik our installation genius and Joe our leader

We'd also like to formally welcome Milly into the Craft Victoria fold. Milly has joined Craft Victoria as a smiley Saturday shop girl. Milly's face is no stranger to CVHQ, what with her being Steph's near-identical twin, and we couldn't be happier to welcome Milly! It's kind of like still having Steph here... but better. Haha! Just kidding! We love both of you equally!

Milly also stocks her lovely jewellery here at COUNTER, so make sure you come have a peek. She also has a great blog called 'One Small Day' - check it out here.

L-R: Joe our leader, Anika our graphic designer, Pip our New Craft lady and Nella our curator (pictured with her KK gift)

And now for some photos of the delicious FOOD!!!

Creamiest soy chai latte made with pre-safety scare Bonsoy

Fried egg, avocado, bacon, tomato whitebread sandwich with generous dollop of aioli

Baked eggs with dukka and spices, accompanied by thick slabs of buttered toast
60/60 egg with smoked salmon, capers, rocket and julienned green apple

It was such a delicious breakfast, thank you very much to our pals at Cumulus for putting on such a scrumptious feast for us!

On the last day of work, all of us got together for some cake and champagne to bid lovely Steph farewell and to wish Anita the happiest of birthdays.

Thank you for all your great work over the past few years Steph! We will miss you terribly (only time will help heal the pain) and we can't wait to see you soon... but most of all, we can't wait to see junior!!

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