Monday 11 January 2010

Craft Victoria: back in 2010!

To all our wonderful supporters who have visited the gallery, attended an event/workshop, drank wine at an opening, bought something from the shop, read the blog, befriended us on Facebook, tapped at the enCOUNTER window (you know we can actually see you too right? It's not one-way glass...), picked up a flyer....

Thank you!

For making 2009 such a great year for Craft Victoria. We had an excellent exhibition program this year, starting with reknowned German jeweller Lisa Walker and Sydney-sider Melinda Young. From these two lovely ladies we welcomed Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan from Chicks on Speed. It was a whirlwind exhibition filled to the brim with plant-dying workshops, a special presentation by Faythe Levine, plus playing with clay with Iggy and LouLou's Irene Grishin-Selzer. The Chicks even took over our website for a bit!

Next up we had three fantastic ceramicists: Simon Lloyd, Natasha Dusenjko and Liz Low, each presenting a unique take on the material. From Simon's reconstruction of his studio/shed (and not to mention the very amazing Pitch Drop installation), to Natasha's delicate ceramic bones wrapped with text, to Liz's wonderfully engaging project that saw her recreate three sculptures in the exhibition, culminating with a water pouring ceremony that saw the disintegration of the recreated works.
Our next round of exhibitions presented something quite different. Former Craft Vic curator Kevin Murray returned to curate The World of Small Things, a group exhibition consisting of cross-country collaborations. Emma Davies' near sell-out show Morphed received media attention, including a feature in ABC's Sunday Arts program! And last but not least in Gallery 3 was Alana Clifton-Cunningham with her collection of contemporary knitwear in Visible Markings.
Soon it was August and time for our festival Craft Cubed. Themed 'CityCountry', Craft Cubed is an annual festival that comprises three parts: Perspective (a members' exhibition), Whitebox (an online portal showcasing international craft and design projects) and an extensively planned program schedule that included several satellite exhibitions, open studios, workshops, artists talks and professional development opportunities.
The next exhibition was a solo show by lovely man Nathan Gray. Exploring a range of themes including musique concrete and sonic landscapes, Nathan's exhibition was really... awesome (momentary loss of words there, sorry)
In our penultimate round of exhibitions for the year there was Shoe Show, curated by CVHQ's Nella Themelios, a celebration of contemporary bespoke footwear by six emerging shoemakers based in Melbourne. In Gallery 2 housed Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison's exquisite exhibition of original watercolors, limited edition prints, collaged postcards and handbound artist books. And around the corner in Gallery 3 was Sydney jeweller Karin Findeis' exhibition sampler that explored notions of collections.
And as always, to end our 2009 exhibition program was our annual show Fresh! that showcased some of the best work from graduating students across Victoria. Featuring 12 artists (including Fresh! 2009 winner Michaela Bruton), we can't wait to see what these guys will come up with next.
Thank you again for all your lovely support throughout 2009, we can't wait to make 2010 an even better year.

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