Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We want your pictures!

Ian Sprague (centre, who in 1971 was Craft Victoria's President) with Festival Director Marjorie Johnson (right, who in 1975-77 was Craft Victoria's Executive Director) and sponsors, with Sprague's community tile path. Photo courtesy Ian Sprague.

As most of you may already know, this year Craft Victoria turns 40 and later this year, we'll be exhibiting an online gallery of images spanning across the past 4 decades.

To jig the ol' memory, click here to read more about Craft Victoria's grand history as written by Grace Cochrane.

Pru La Motte and Sue Walker (Craft Victoria President, 1973-75) with one of the looms worked on by students and people from country districts at Melbourne University, 1972

So maybe your mum, or your dad, or even you might have had something to do with Craft Victoria back in the good old days... we'd love to see if they've kept any photos documenting this! Please send through all images to Joe Pascoe: jpascoe @ (don't forget to remove the spaces)

Thank you everyone, and we hope you can contribute towards Craft Victoria's rich history!

Possible Craft Happening event

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