Monday 29 March 2010

'Fashioning the Mana' by Maryann Talia, on at NGV (International) till 5 April

Maryann Talia Pau, Breast plate Fa amolemole pe mafai ona tatou lalaga faatasi (Please can I weave with you), 2009, Pandanus satin organza shell cotton

2009 Perspective exhibitor Maryann Talia Pau currently has a solo exhibition Fashioning the Mana ongoing at the Oceanic Gallery of the National Gallery of Victoria (International) from now until 5 April. What an amazing feat!

As if that wasn't enough, Maryann's solo exhibition at the NGV is a third exhibition to date, her first being Perspective (part of Craft Victoria's annual festival Craft Cubed, pictured above) and second being Precious Pendants at Sydney's Object Gallery (pictured below).

Maryann Talia Pau, Breastplate Mo Lo u Tama Samoan (For My Dad), 2009, Pandanus coloured feathers shell satin deer hide, Photographed by Steven Rhall

It's a truly tremendous honour for Maryann and we couldn't be happier for her! There is currently fantastic article written by Maryann that is available for viewing on the Craft Australia website. Click here to read it.

Make sure you pop by Fashioning the Mana, now on at the Oceanic Gallery at NGV(I) on St Kilda Road until 5 April. Consisting of four garments, the exhibition is a contemporary reinterpretation of Samoan artist Rosanna Raymond’s tapa denim outfit H'nard K'nore G'nang G'near (pictured below).

Rosanna Raymond, H'nard K'nore G'nang G'near outfit, 1995-97, denim tapa cotton coconut shell jute shells wooden beads metal, Collection NGV

And make sure you check out Maryann's website too!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Maryann! We love watching your work pop up around town...congrats xx from the Harvest Textile Girls

Luxury safari said...

Congrats to Maryann :) absolutely love the breastplate picture, wonderful!