Tuesday 20 April 2010

PAN Gallery Ceramic Art Award: now accepting applications!

It's back!

Currently in its second year, the panGALLERY Ceramic Art Award is an annual award show that recognises exceptional talent within contemporary ceramics. This year's theme is Table Manners, and ceramic artists are invited to submit a cup and saucer set for consideration.

Here is some information about Table Manners.

Traditionally, afternoon tea has called for the very finest: your best china, polished silverware and impeccable manners. Attitudes toward decorum and the rules of social etiquette in contemporary society have since relaxed, leading one to question whether table manners have lost their relevance in today’s world.

panGALLERY, in association with Craft Victoria, calls on ceramic artists to submit an original artwork that embraces the dining table’s most iconic representation of good manners: the cup and saucer. How does this usually inseparable pair address the issue of etiquette, or lack thereof, in today’s social settings? Is there still a place at the table for the cup and saucer, and why should knowing which way to drink your tea and place your cup affect this inherently convivial ritual?

Selected works will be included in an exhibition at panGALLERY entitled Table Manners with a final award winner selected from exhibited works and awarded $1500. Work submitted must be new work and not previously exhibited.

The Award will be curated by Kim Brockett & Anita Cummins of Craft Victoria and judged by esteemed ceramacist and COUNTER favourite, Kris Coad.

Click here to for more information about the Award, and click here to download the exhibition brief and application form.

Last year's winner Katie Jacobs took home the $1,500 prize as well as many, many finger snaps for her hard work, and we expect this year's ante to be upped! Applications are due Monday 16 August, so you better get cracking!

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