Tuesday 3 August 2010

Antuong Nguyen: GEMINI SCORPIO + BLKGLD, now on at City Library

As part of our Craft Cubed satellite exhibitions program, Craft Victoria is proud to present in-house curated exhibition GEMINI SCORPIO and BLKGLD featuring new work by Antuong Nguyen, a Melbourne-based artist and film director.

You can view Antuong's work at the City Library niches + projection space currently, and the exhibition is on until the end of August.

The City Library is located at 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne and is open seven days. Click here for further information.


By using an eclectic selection of common (and some not-so-common) objects, GEMINI SCORPIO is a considered exploration of familiarity and everyday-ness through aesthetics rather than function.

Like children's wide-eyed experiments with building blocks, where pieces are combined to create seemingly illogical yet personal arrangements; GEMINI SCORPIO playfully reconfigures everyday objects, flipping them around to do things that they are not meant to do. By highlighting the absurdist nature of things, the works of GEMINI SCORPIO attempts to reveal the infinite possibilities of objects and everyday life, as well as wake up the dormant inner-child in all of us.


This exhibition was curated by Kim Brockett. Stay tuned for a short catalogue essay as well as more images!


Still from BLKGLD - produced with assistance from Warran Wright, James Cecil and Alex Akers.

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