Monday 16 August 2010

Craft Cubed featured event: Nicholas Building open studios, 19 + 20 Aug


Coming up this Thursday and Friday evening is highly anticipated annual event, the Nicholas Building Open Studios. Enjoy poking around through 8 floors and 29 studios and galleries in one of Melbourne's most diverse collection of artist studios.

We're extra keen on visiting several of Craft Victoria's stockists, supporters, exhibitors, pals and a whole lot of jewellers including
  • Emma Grace and Nadine Treister (floor 4, studio 11)
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska & Karla Way (floor 5, studio 9) who will be exhibiting at Craft Vic in October
  • Jin Ah Jo (floor 7, studio 12)
  • Open Studios producer Vikki Kassioras (floor 7, studio 10)
  • Craft Hatch graduate and recent addition to COUNTER Naoko Inuzuka who is sharing a studio with another CV supporter Helen Bowman (floor 8, studio 21)
  • Past Craft Hatch participants Amina McPhee, Rhiannon Smith and Lisa Engelhardt (floor 9, studio 17)

Phew! What a lot of jewellers! Not forgetting of course the very lovely and wonderful artist Nicholas Jones (floor 7, studio 4) and Peter O'Connor (floor 4, studio 13).

Here's a peek at what to expect:


Serena Lindeman, milliner (floor 6, studio 2)


Vikki Kassioras, jeweller (floor 7, studio 10)


Clare Whitney, painting & printmaking (floor 8, studio 2)


Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, jeweller (floor 5, studio 9)


l'ucello, vintage haberdashery (floor 2, studio 5)

For further details, click the image to enlarge the program!

Or better yet, drop by Craft Victoria to pick up a hard copy of the list of studios.

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Kylie Bowers said...

Oh wow what a beautiful looking shop!