Monday 6 September 2010

Ingrid Tufts for Cumulus Inc: a New Craft collaboration!

We've collaborated with our neighbour/good pal Cumulus Inc and COUNTER stockist Ingrid Tufts to create a beautiful ceramic cup that's a perfectly classy takeaway option to hold your cappuccino, hot chocolate or soy chai latte (no judgement passed if you choose the latter option)

Designed by Ingrid and featuring Cumulus Inc's signature cloud pattern, this cup is now available for purchase with your next coffee order and is priced at $20. The black takeaway lid fits perfectly over the cup so you won't have to worry about any spillage!

This commission was realised through New Craft, a Craft Victoria initiative that champions locally made and designed products by pairing designers with organisations, retailers and festivals.

and while you're getting a coffee don't forget to pick up a delicious nibbly!



tiel said...

really loving these. great pairing.

MildlyCrafty said...

That's fantastic, much nicer to drink out of than the other plastic reusable ones I've seen. Might just have to pop in and pick one up!