Wednesday 22 September 2010

'Pin Up Your doodle' at Craft Victoria

Not to be confused with, ahem, anything else, Pin Up Your Doodle is a charitable event brought to you by Shebeen, a non-profit bar opening soon in Melbourne that supports worthy projects in the developing world.

Pin Up Your Doodle invites you to submit doodles, illustrations and sketches. These works will be exhibited and auctioned at ACCA (Melbourne) and Sydney (venue TBC) this November... in other words now's your chance to say you've shown work at ACCA!

100% of funds raised by Pin Up Your Doodle will go towards Shebeen's noble endeavour as a self-described 'Robin Hood of booze'. By selling beers and wine from developing countries, 100% of profit from each drink sale will go back towards said country and support many a worthy cause! For example, drinking a Huda will support vocational training for street kids in Hanoi and drinking South African wine will support rape prevention and awareness in Durban.

From now till the end of October, Craft Victoria is proud to be a 'drop box site' where you can drop off your doodle in a fancy ballot box type contraption. It's currently located in our foyer and it's even got fluoro spray paint dotted all over it so you can't miss it!

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