Wednesday 17 November 2010

Craft Victoria x Michaela Bruton x Ingrid Tufts coffee cup collaboration

2010 has been a year of collaborations for us - there was the commemorative 40th anniversary tote bag featuring a design by Adam Cruickshank & Dell Stewart, the Cumulus Inc. x Ingrid Tufts coffee cup (currently sold out, but get in line by placing yourself on the waiting list at Cumulus!) and of course, the numerous projects overseen by our New Craft initiative.

In light of all of these wonderful partnerships, we're proud to present our latest collaboration: a coffee cup made by Ingrid Tufts and illustrated by Fresh! 2009 winner Michaela Bruton.

It comes in a limited edition of 100 and the first 20 are now available in-store and online. Priced at $30, each cup will fit a standard cup lid perfectly and is yet another classy option for your takeway coffee!

There are also two types of glazes available at the moment: editions 1-10 are white on the inside (not a creamy yellow as pictured in the online shop) while editions 11-20 are a vibrant orangey red.

I'll take two please!

Photography: Kim Brockett

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