Monday 1 November 2010

Put your best sock forward

People of the Sock is a community project initiated by writer and Craft Vic pal Narelle Hanratty in association with Morris & Sons. By bringing together experienced and novice sock knitters in a sock knitting workshop, the results will be distributed to Big Issue vendors as Christmas presents.

According to Narelle, she was was inspired to start the project after meeting a spry and youthful 80-year-old woman knitting socks outside a hospital while her husband was parking the car.

"The woman was knitting socks for a Sydney organisation that distributes them to people who are homeless. Socks are particularly valued, she said, because they’re warm and easily portable. And when not wearing the socks, a person who is homeless can stuff them in their pocket for the day, unlike the gift of a blanket which the person has to carry around for the day or hide somewhere."

It's an excellent cause and if you're interested in participating (whether it is as a teacher or workshop participant, or if you'd like to donate materials etc!), then make sure you attend the People of the Sock planning meeting at Morris & Sons (Level 1, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne) on Wed 3 Nov at 5pm - that's the day after tomorrow!

For more information, click here or email Narelle at

They also have a Twitter account which you can follow!

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