Thursday 3 February 2011

Hatchling of the Month: So Little Time Co.

This year, we'll be profiling one Craft Hatch stallholder each month so that you guys can get to know our talented Hatchlings a bit better. To get the ball rolling, we've selected So Little Time, fresh-faced accessories label run by Kirsty Eckard, Josh Grimshaw and Jacinta Sobey.

As part of their feature, you'll also be able to purchase a select range of work from our online store. Yippee!

Here's a few words and pictures from Kirsty about the label... and don't forget, So Little Time will be at the next Craft Hatch market on Sat 12 Feb at the City Library Gallery!


What inspired the three of you to start So Little Time?
One night Josh (my husband) and I were talking about his watch collection (which is quite extensive), and I mentioned how I love time pieces but can't stand wearing watches on my wrist, and how few other options there are for wearing a watch. I have a beautiful pendant watch by Nixon, but it's really the best thing I can find.

Being a creative, I took on the challenge to make my own pendant watch. We spent hours researching and working out the best way to make the necklaces and Josh even bought a jigsaw to try his hand at cutting the first piece ourselves. After much testing we decided laser cutting was the best way and and after receiving a small laser cut sample back, I soon realised how fun the process was, and that there really might be a niche market for pendant watches.

As I'm currently a designer by day, I think there is this need in me to create with my hands rather than a computer, and to create for me rather than being controlled by a client. I get alot of joy and satisfaction out of that and it's probably where the whole thing started in the first place.


Please tell us more about the materials that you use.
Each piece is cut from locally sourced Tasmanian Blackwood veneer, locally cut within the CBD, and are hand painted, stitched and pieced together by the So Little Time Co. team. We also like to integrate little bits of fabric and string, as well as pins to create movement in the pieces - like the windmill and penny farthing brooches.

Bunting necklace ($45) and Pinwheel brooch ($35)
Coming soon to our online store!

Since launching So Little Time at the November 2010 Craft Hatch market, what have you learnt so far about setting up a label?
It sure has been alot of work. I know everyone who starts a little business says this, but it really is true. If it's not the website needing updating, its the new business cards, or painting new stock for the next market or updating stock levels records, or posting an item to a customer - the list goes on and on really - and as soon as you've got to the end of the list, you usually have to start all over again.

There has also been alot to learn about partnerships and the accounting and business side, and even the little things like visual merchandising and taking good product photos - some parts are definitely more fun than others. It's been such a steep learning curve and I have no doubt I have more to learn, but despite the lack of sleep and the never ending list, it's be hugely rewarding and so much fun. The amount of creative satisfaction I have gained has far outweighed everything else and getting to the end of last year and saying to myself "I started a business" was such a good feeling.

What is your favourite thing you've made so far?
Because I'm so close to it, I can't really have a favourite - but I definitely like the Story Time range [CLOG: 'Dish & Spoon' ($35) brooch pictured above - also coming soon to our online store]. It's based on stories and rhymes that I grew up with, and seeing each character come to life as wearable art, from humble beginnings as simple illustrations was very exciting. The most exciting product would have to the the necklace watches. Because of the way they are designed, (the watch is removable by rotating and pulling it out to change the time or change the battery) I really wasn't sure it would actually work until we got the first sample back - I only had measurements and paper samples to go by. I remember pieceing it together outside the laser cutters with blu tac. It couldn't wait until I got home, I had to know right there and then if it would work and when it did... well I could hardly contain myself.

And finally, what are some of your favourite websites/blogs/magazines to look towards for inspiration?
I'm a big blog addict. I have many listed and check them all everyday and I add to them constantly. Currently I'm enjoying Amy Borrell's All the mountains, The Daily Smudge and Where the Lovely Things Are, and I regularly check in on my favourite illustrators and crafters like Beci Orpin, Catherine Campbell, Cat Rabbit, Evie Smith, Dawn Tan and Kris Atomic.

Frankie, Peppermint [CLOG: psst, they are our partners for February's members promotion!], Uppercase Magazine and Extra Cirricular are a few of my favourite magazines as well.


Studio photography courtesy of Kirsty Eckard
Product images courtesy of So Little Time

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I absolutely adore you work! I was at the last Craft Hatch market and you were all so friendly.
Good Luck.