Thursday, 17 February 2011

Welcome little Eleanor Sioux Stuart!

When you work at Craft Victoria it's like being part of a family, so it brings us much joy to happily announce the arrival of our newest intern: Eleanor Sioux Stuart!

The daughter of our Retail Manager Carmel McKie and her partner Sean, little Eleanor was born on Tuesday 11 January (or 11/1/11 for the numerologists out there)

Sean and I were very happy to welcome little Eleanor Sioux Stuart into the world on Tuesday morning. The three of us are doing very very well and are happy to be home getting to know each other. Eleanor is already such a delight, she has been letting us all get lots of sleep and is such a good little eater!


Too cute for words.

Congratulations to Carmel and Sean, you've made quite a few biological clocks tick pretty loudly over here!


Lauren Bamford said...

I love it when they are wrapped like that! tick tick TICK!

Katie said...

Look at that sweet little face! She purrs when she sleeps nawwww. Well done Carmel and Sean :-)