Monday, 28 March 2011

Studio visit: Harvest Textiles

Earlier this month we had the fabulous opportunity of visiting Harvest Textile's lovely workroom in East Brunswick, here's a look at where they work!

In case you aren't familiar with this trio of lovely ladies - and you should be we hope! - Harvest Textiles is a label by a group of like-minded ladies: Lara Davies, Emma Byrnes and Jess Wright, who share a love of creativity, sustainability, community and collaboration.

Products include homewares, clothing, yardage and handmade DIY kits. They also run screen printing and textile workshops, seminars, exhibitions and events from their studio. Recent classes include watercolour painting, printing your own lampshades, wallpaper, teatowels, scarves, fabric as well as basic and advanced screenprinting classes. And that's just the workshops for grownups! The kids workshops also sound pretty awesome too.

The workroom/studio where the drawing and planning is done.

We visited while Harvest Textiles were hosting a tea towel printing workshop (we were there at lunchtime which is why there aren't any students about!)

Harvest Textile's Drawn Quilt which you may remember from their enCOUNTER exhibition last year!

In case you've forgotten, here's a refresher:
Drawn Quilt is a good example of the label's collective making process; incorporating individual designs to create a unified piece. The exhibition features individual drawings stitched together in a paper version of a quilt, alongside the final quilt design, hand screenprinted onto fabric. The work was inspired by the notion of the patchwork quilt - the three makers coming together with scraps and ideas to contribute individual 'patches' that then become part of the greater picture.

Screenprinting table

Clever fabric storage underneath

Students from a recent teatowel making workshop hard at work!

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A huge thank you to Jess, Emma and Lara for their wonderful hospitality!! Harvest Textiles will be hosting a Winter market in late May, you won't want to miss out on that so stay up to date by visiting their website!

On another note, drop by Harvest Textiles this weekend to see Dawn Tan's pop-up shop! Launching on Friday 1 April from 5.30pm to 8.30pm, there'll be work produced in collaboration between Dawn and Harvest Textiles. And Dawn has also promised us that there'll be lots of...

Yummy things like recipe boxes filled with yummy home style recipes.. Tea towels! Aprons! Tote Bags! Posters! Yummy snacks will be served too! Well, of course!

Sounds like a done deal to us!

Photography: Kim Brockett

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