Wednesday, 6 April 2011

'Yarnscape' by Odds&endS

A knitted cactus (plural: cacti, cactuses or cactus) is a member of the artificial plant family Cactaceae. Their distinctive appearance is a result of adaptions from wool, yarn and recycled materials to conserve water in dry and/or hot urban living environments. In most species, the leaves have evolved into hand knitted and embroidered forms while the usually unwelcoming spikes have developed into soft and harmless spines. The Odds&endS cacti are used as ornamental plants with a rare variety presented in vintage ceramic pots. Each plant is unique, and creator, craft botanist Andrea Daniel of Odds&endS Handmade, promises that these cute decorative plants will bring their owners many seasons of enjoyment.

To best care for a knitted cactus: no watering required, just the occasional dust. Enjoys direct sunlight, shade and everything in between. Enjoy!

West German potted cacti - $85 for the little one and $195 for the larger one

Prices start at $29 for a simple single cactus ball in a small white pot, to up to $295 for the gigantic dark green spiky cactus (that you can see in the above picture - it's right where the R in 'enCOUNTER' is on the window!)

The knitted rocks are also for sale too - small rocks are $6, medium $10 and large $15.

Yarnscape is on display until 30 April.

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