Wednesday 25 May 2011

Behind the scenes at the 2011 Scarf Festival

The annual Scarf Festival is coming!

Formerly a Craft Victoria intiative, the Festival has been hosted by the National Wool Museum in Geelong for the past few years now. This year's theme is 'Rhythm of Life' and if these images are anything to go by, it's looking to be a visual delight! As the organisers have said:
This year we celebrate the rhythm of life; the relationships, events and moments that make each of our lives unique. As with life, each scarf is unique and there is a rhythmic quality to their creation: the whirr of the wheel, the clack of the loom and the clicking of needles.

Scarf Festival 2011 Rhythm of Life, at the National Wool Museum, will display all the scarves
created for the Festival, featuring a range of awards for the best scarves.

As per Scarf Festival tradition, several accolades are up for grabs this year including the top gong 'Scarf of the Year', as well as awards for use of material and colour as well as for techniques like knitting, weaving, felting and crocheting.

This year, our CEO and Artistic Director Joe Pascoe was invited to help judge the awards for the Scarf Festival. As you can see from these behind-the-scenes images, the number of entries must created some difficult decisions. Winners will be announced when the Festival opens so stay tuned!

The 2011 Scarf Festival opens on Friday 24 June at the National Wool Museum in Geelong and runs till 21 August.

Click here for more information about the festival!

All photographs courtesy of the National Wool Museum

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