Tuesday 31 May 2011

Hands on Heads workshops with Adele Varcoe and Ricarda Bigolin!

Just a 'heads up' about our upcoming workshop series Hands on Heads with Ricarda Bigolin and Adele Varcoe!

There are four different sessions involved - Jumper, Bread, Biro and Chair - taking place between 20-28 July over the course of the State of Design festival. Best of all, these sessions are FREE!

Each workshop is based around a generic everyday item – Jumper, Chair, Bread and Bic Biro – that the designers invite participants to hack, play and transform into something that will work wonders for their mojo or enhance their personality! How could a head made from a chair be used by other people? Or could a head made from bread be used for breakfast? Will a head made from pen make you want to write more? The workshops will explore the way we interact with objects; the way that design can 'move' us to extremes.

Participants taking part in the workshops will make a head in one of these materials, and perform a series of tasks with their head. The workshops run for approximately 4 hours each and each participant will be encouraged to exhibit their new head for the duration of the Festival in Gallery 3 at Craft Victoria. The designers hope to accumulate a collection of heads throughout the Festival so if you can't make a workshop please come down and introduce yourself.

So now's your chance to replace your head with a new one. Unfortunately for all aspiring Jumper-heads out there the Jumper session is now booked out, but you can always call us anyway on 9650 7775 to be put on the waiting list.

But don't fret, you can still turn the other ordinary items (Chair, Bread and Biro) into extraordinary creations as well and call us on 9650 7775 to book a place for yourself and maybe a friend!

Artist representation, not the actual artist's bodies

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All images courtesy of the artists

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