Thursday, 9 June 2011

Last days!

The last days of our current round of exhibitions are fast approaching, so make sure you set some time aside if you don't want to miss them!

Currently showing at Craft Victoria until Saturday 11 June (which is also the day of our Craft Hatch market at the City Library) are...

Michelle Hamer, Dangling Carrots

A series of tapestries based on photographs taken by Michelle during the global financial crisis that raises personal questions of how to proceed when life appears to be a series of challenges. For the first time, Michelle has included video in her work which was produced in collaboration with Cat Wilson.

Kate Just, Unearthed

A six metre long tool belt featuring 46 altered tools stemming from research undertaken by Kate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Chaco Kato, Pulp Fiction

For her site-specific installation, Chaco has created a microcosmic world of organic matter by stringing up, weaving and suspending various everyday detritus like egg shells, fruit peelings and vegetable skins. Everything is connected in Pulp Fiction, and the installation is part of Chaco's ongoing interest in the meaning of 'ephemerality' in contemporary art.

Each of these exhibitions have an accompanying catalogue, so make sure you pick one up when you visit!

Photography: Lily Feng

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