Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hands on Heads workshop: Bread

These photos from the Hands on Head: Bread workshop have been lingering for long enough, and here they are finally! The Bread workshop was the final instalment in a series of 4 workshops hosted by Ricarda Bigolin & Adele Varcoe as part of a program of events running alongside the BLESS exhibition. 

Participants had a carb-filled 4 hours doing various exercises like bread-architecture, bread-hands, bread-eyelashes and of course bread-heads. We could go on and on about how much fun it was (and how it was subsequently a bit difficult to eat bread over the next few days), but we'll let the following photos speak for themselves. As always, visit our Facebook page to view more photos!



Photogrpahy: Kim Brockett


Liesl Pfeffer said...

These photos are so amazing! I remember hearing the giggling from inside the Craft Victoria office during this workshop!

Evie said...

Ha! Love this it certainly looks like fun times were had. The group photo is brilliant : )