Friday 2 September 2011

Craft Cubed satellite exhibition: Jasmine Targett, 'Bubbling Up'

Using highly innovative materials such as NASA's dichroic glass, Bubbling Up examines the fragility of the Earth's atmosphere and ecosystems that appear like a bubble, on the constant verge of collapse. Sometimes fickle and ever elusive, Bubbling Up highlights the ongoing need to quantify ecological concerns. Every day there are thousands of toxic gases bubbling up in the atmosphere. In the age of heightened ecological awareness Bubbling Up poses the question, is it possible to view a beautiful sunset and not wonder if the sky is set ablaze with such unique colours because of the toxic pollutants in the air reacting with the atmosphere? In the space that surrounds us, what is bubbling up?

If you haven't seen Jasmine Targett's exhibition Bubbling Up and Dianne Tanzer Gallery on Gertrude Street, we highly encourage you to! It's part of the Craft Cubed satellite exhibitions program and Jasmine has very nicely provided some beautiful images of her exhibition and the opening.

Bubbling Up is on at Dianne Tanzer Gallery, 108-110 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy until Saturday 10 September.

PS, Jasmine also has an upcoming exhibition entitled Making Sense with Debbie Symons which opens at Craft Victoria next Thursday from 6-8pm!

All images courtesy of Jasmine Targett.

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