Monday 12 December 2011

announcement re: La Biennale di Venezia

supermanoeuvre, Interface

People gather there from all around the world. They visit this island over the European summer to wander around the gardens, hopping between pavilions of cultural inspiration. You feel as if you’re teleporting between countries, as cities that exist miles away in reality can be seen within a few footsteps of one another. With art presenting itself in our current year of 2011, next year shall fall under the canopy of architecture. The Venice Biennale encapsulates a global exhibition that is raw in essence, yet prestigious in quality. From 124 applications, the final six have now been chosen for 2012’s Architecture Exhibition. Healthabitat, supermanoeuvre, Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd, 2112 Ai (100YR City), The Architects Radio Show and Archrival shall join forces on a collaboration of a lifetime. Pooling their talents and expertise, we are dreaming of an innovative computational social response to the challenges of urban living, sustainability and politics on a global level.

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