Sunday, 4 December 2011

Merry Craftmas!

Craft Victoria, Merry Craftmas, 2011, yellow

Are you the type of person that colour-codes your wardrobe, bookshelf or crockery? Don’t worry we’re not here to critique, we totally get it. Colour blocking is the primary tool for achieving organised chaos. This is why we created 4 vibrant pictures for our Christmas Catalogue this season, each individually colour-coded for your aesthetic visual minds.  Hover over the piece that tickles your fancy to discover the artist, product name and price. If you like it, click it and before you know it, that special something will jump, leap or skip right into your online shopping cart. This is creative interactive shopping in its prime. Come into the Craft Victoria Shop, 31 Flinders Lane, to see it in the flesh or maybe you will opt for Shopping Online... it’s in your hands today. Whichever you choose, complimentary gift-wrapping is available and if you buy online, we will even hand-write a little gift tag, not to make a dollar or two, but for the love of it. Happy shopping and Merry Craftmas from all of us here at Craft Victoria.

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