Friday 23 December 2011

A present for each and every type!

With today being our last day of trading and all before Christmas, we thought we should, well, flaunt it while we've got it, so to speak. After much sincere thought and time we proudly present to you 12 individually picked items that will cover all your Christmas shopping needs. With various prices, mediums and points of interest we offer to you a glimpse into the picturesque array of product we have available. With literally hundreds of suppliers,the process of narrowing the peek down to 12 was a hefty task indeed to place upon ourselves. All available at 31 Flinders Lane and don't forget... We're open until a glorious 6PM tonight.

From left to right, top to bottom...we have for you the perfect piece for:

1. The new edition to the family - Made By Mosey, Sky Blue Cloud Mobile, $65.00
2. The father who has taken up cooking upon retirement - Notts Timber, Wooden Spoon, $20.50
3. The terrible two-year-old who is in need of a role model - Handmade Romance, Bow Tie Boy, $85.00
4. The crafternoon lady - Art Viva, Knitting Needles, $20.00
5. The hostess with the mostess - Little Circus Design, Timber Bird Mobile $200.00
6. The girl who has everything - Dani M, Necklace, $150.00
7. The bearded boyfriend - Handmade Romance, Beaded Bloke Brooch, $37.00
8. The brains of the family - Kirsten Perry, Brain Necklace, $110.00
9. The colourfully fashionable bedtime reader - Sequins & Sequence, Kat Macleod, $20.00
10. The on-the-go caffeine queen - Craft Victoria, Coffee Cup, $30.00
11. The kitchen baker who's hungry for a new challenge - Hungry Girls, Cookbook, $35.00
12. The girl who wears either silver or gold (but you cannot remember) 

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