Tuesday 17 January 2012

Exhibition Opening: Garry, Jacob & Kirsten.

Garry Bish, The Vessel: A Space Oddity
A new year calls for a new exhibition with new works, new innovative processes and new inspiring notions. This is why we shall proudly present to you and invite you to our very first Exhibition Opening for 2012. In Gallery One, Garry Bish will draw you into great depths with an architectural intelligence that displays itself in the form of ceramic sculptures. His geometric virtuosity in The Vessel: A Space Oddity creates new perspectives and deviated forms that mesmerise the eyes of any beholder. A few steps further and you will find yourself amongst a Pottery Practice Project by Jacob Ogden Smith in Gallery Two. This culture intense process-based work executes itself in the form of video, epitomising the value of the working development in the production of a final piece. Then as you peep around the corner into Gallery Three, Kirsten Perry welcomes you to a world of her own, Home Time. The well-known Melbourne jeweller has created another land, one that exists far from our own, one that hybrids industrial materials and mystical, emotional forms.

We are all lost in an abundance of cultured architectural ceramic worlds right now and we want you to be here with us. The opening will be happening this Thursday between 6 – 8pm 19 January, but the exhibition will continue to run until 3 March, so please join us in this mesmerising state. Let us know if we should expect to be seeing you here. Until then...

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Looks absolutely amazing!